Opus Pocus


A platformer set inside a fantasy book


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Opus Pocus is a three-dimensional platform game where you control a boy who has been trapped inside a pop-up book that unfolds as you advance through its pages.

Gameplay may seem simple at first, since you just need to jump around to gather coins and the key that will allow you to proceed to the next level... but as you continue, you'll need to do things like turn the book's pages to be able to collect all of the objects that at first seemed unreachable.

Opus Pocus's ten levels boast notable graphics. The game was developed with the Unity engine, which it uses to make a game that is not only great, but also covered in an attractive, colorful design.

Opus Pocus is a good platform game - it's fun to play, has spectacular graphics, an enjoyable soundtrack and, best of all, it's completely free.
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